what is poc online classroom? 

POC Online Classroom curates resources by, for, and about marginalized communities and social justice with the goals of education, personal empowerment, and political engagement. 

This website is for nerds, artists, scholars, storytellers, story listeners, and lovers of learning. It is for marginalized people who feel that their histories and brilliance are not celebrated or recognized enough in mainstream culture. It is feminist, anti-racist, anti-heteropatriarchy, anti-imperialist, and challenges capitalism. 

For many of us, these books, articles, poems, and stories were not part of our educational experiences.  Links or PDFs to readings are included when possible. Otherwise, support your local library or bookstore and read on!

Our blog, "We Are Theorists," hosts several series that are posted on a regular basis: 

  • Rad Readings, posted every Tuesday, highlight texts to read and writers to support;

  • Feminist Hero Friday, which highlights the work of feminist scholars, writers, artists, activists, and change makers;

  • Personal Essay's and Cultural Critiques by young writers of color.

We also recently launched a zine called "Daughters of Violence."

Finally, this website is made possible with community support. If you have any suggested readings or resources, or would like to contribute a piece to the blog, please email poconlineclassroom@gmail.com! Thank you for engaging. 


Abaki Beck is a #youngprofessional with a passion for improving health and educational access in communities of color. She is a mixed-race indigenous person enrolled in the Blackfeet Nation of Montana with Turtle Mountain Métis and European-American blood mixed in. The power of storytelling, and in particular, empowering and listening to the stories of communities of color, is what led Abaki to create this website.

In her spare time, Abaki enjoys writing. Her work has been featured in BitchApertureNatives in America and in the zine "Survivance: Vol.II Indigenous Poesis". At the age of eight, she placed third in an essay writing contest for a piece titled "Why Racism is Dumb."  

Contributing writers

Michelle Kiang is a mixed immigrant writer, filmmaker, and #youngmuseumprofessional from Venezuela with roots in China. Michelle is an advocate for crying when you feel like it, being earnest as much as you can, making feminism intersectional, calling for racial and economic justice, using art as activism, and honoring and amplifying the stories and voices of the marginalized.

She is the co-creator of Moving Words: A Refugee and Immigrant Narrative Project a multimedia photography and creative writing project that showcased the narratives of immigrants and refugees living in Houston, Texas. Her work has been published on Buzzfeed's 17 Things You Might Notice When You Move To A New Country and Chiflada Zine. You can find her art, photography, and writing on Instagram

Sarah N Dillard is a #youngprofessional currently taking America HQ by storm. She likes working with words and thinking about art and social justice and is inspired by the badassery of her family and family of friends. Aside from her day job, she works with Mizna, a Twin Cities based Arab American organization that publishes a literary journal. She talks about Mizna too much, thinks everyone should read the journal and credits the Mizna community for changing her life. You can also follow Sarah’s book reviews at itsjustanotherbookblog.blogspot.com

Jennie Kim is also a #youngprofessional based in the Twin Cities working in the non-profit sector. In her spare time, you can find her on Twitter reading up on the news, long-form articles about pretty much anything, watching TV, and meeting POC in the Twin Cities (where she is surrounded by white people most of the time).

Jennie is a proud Korean American and child of Generation 1.5 and will fight you if you tell her that that isn't a real thing, because it is. She's trying to write more about the things she is passionate about and to write/speak things into existence, which motivated her to become a contributor on this website.

You! If you have suggestion of a resource to add to the website or would like to write a piece for We Are Theorists, please email poconlineclassroom@gmail.com!


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