Rad Reading: "Love is Colorblind: Reflections of a Mixed Girl"

by Abaki Beck

Text: Love is Colorblind: Reflections of a Mixed Girl

Author: Jeni C. Wright

Quote to Highlight: “What I had been told about race by my parents could be summed up in three words - Love is Colorblind. My mom hand-stitched that ideal into the quilt hanging in my childhood bedroom. It is a beautiful ideal but one I had learned the limits of  by first grade.”

Quick Summary: In this personal essay, Jeni C. Wright reflects on her experience as a mixed-race, transracial adoptee. She tells her story through four “memories.” In each memory, she struggles in dealing with racism and internalized hatred/oppression in a family in which her white parents did not experience racism. Instead, her parents repeat the adage “Love is Colorblind” - which Wright soon realizes is not true in the rest of the world. Racism is a pain she has trouble explaining to her parents. One unifying factor and centering force in each memory is Wright’s hair. When her parents adopt another young black girl for example, Wright vows that her sister's childhood will be different than her own, that at the very least, her parents will know how to do her hair. Though brief, this personal essay is a beautiful reflection on life for young black children struggling to love themselves.

File it under: Mixed race identity, self love

Type of text: Personal essay

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