Rad Reading: "Field Trip to the Museum of Human History"

Image via Wikimedia Commons.

Image via Wikimedia Commons.

by Abaki Beck

Text: “Field Trip to the Museum of Human History”

Author: Franny Choi

Passage to Highlight: 

"We shuddered,

shoved our fingers in our pockets, acted tough.
Pretended not to listen as the guide said,

Ancient American society was built on competition
and maintained through domination and control.

In place of modern-day accountability practices,
the institution known as “police” kept order

using intimidation, punishment, and force."

Quick Summary: In this poem, Franny Choi brilliantly discusses policing and police violence, by imagining a world where they do not exist. Instead, police weapons and techniques are relics of an ancient American past, now only seen in a museum of human history. This piece highlights the role that poetry and art plays in resistance movements. New futures are not possible without imagining them first.

File it under: Police violence, resistance

Type of text: Poem

Read or listen to the poem HERE

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