Feminist Hero Friday: Abaki Beck & Michelle Kiang

By An Unnamed Fan

Some days, we have to be our own feminist heroes.

Michelle Kiang crawled out of a hole in the ground in San Cristobal, Venezuela one starry night in May 1993. She is a super-chill Taurus who likes to eat and breathe. She has definitely never been to outer-space and isn’t an alien. Michelle is passionate about racial and economic equity, social justice education, ending gender-based violence, filmmaking, and storytelling. She writes about intergenerational trauma, diaspora, and healing through telling our stories. She sends a snap every day with the caption “save me from this capitalist hell” to all her friends as a part of her activism. She doesn’t laugh when Bland Men think they are being funny and sometimes says “that’s not funny” and walks away.

Abaki Beck arose like a phoenix from the depths of hell a month after Michelle in the year of 1993 (this makes her a Gemini, watch out). In addition to social justice and the eradication of colonial white supremacist heteropatriarchal systems of control, her interests include lizards, aliens, memes of aliens, and tv shows about aliens. Please note that Abaki is not an alien. From a tender age, Abaki has raged against the machine by picking medicinal Blackfeet plants for her elders (#decolonizeourdoctors), attending and organizing protests for racial justice, and always maintaining an intimidating stance so Bland Men don’t talk to her. She has also been known to advocate for improved Native American langauge policy and reclaim buildings on behalf of indigenous people.    

Abaki and Michelle met in a class on Mixed Race America their first year of college. Their eyes met across the crowded room, and they knew it was destiny. Either that, or they were scared shitless about being the youngest people in the class and then never spoke again for three years. Select whichever option fits your fancy. You  may choose our past, but we will choose our future.

They are feminist heroes for so many reasons, including but not limited to:

  1. They are triple threats: badasses, women of color, and lizard overlords- I mean, human beings

  2. Abaki doesn’t shave her legs

  3. Michelle has perfect eyebrows that she puts on in the morning and takes off at night

  4. More than once they have said, “hey, that’s sexist.”

  5. They were abducted by aliens in Nevada alongside fellow feminist lizard Rachel Rostad (pictured below)

 While this post was of course written as an April Fools joke (we are funny), it is also important to recognize your own power and accomplishments. As women of color, we are so often told that we are not smart enough, not beautiful enough, or not strong enough. We are rendered invisible by mainstream society, yet simultaneously fetishized and oversexualized. Not today. Today and everyday, we celebrate the art we make, the friends we love, the stories we tell, the lives we change, and we take care of each other and of ourselves.

Abaki Beck