Required Reading: Racism Without Racists

by Abaki Beck

Text:  Racism Without Racists: Color-Blind Racism and the Persistence of Racial Inequality in the United States (book)

Author: Eduardo Bonilla-Silva

Quote to Highlight: "The beauty of this new ideology is that it aids in the maintenance of white supremacy without fanfare, without naming those who it subjects and those who it rewards...thus whites enunciate positions that safegaurd their racial interests without sounding "racist.""

Two Sentence Summary: Bonilla-Silva combats the idea that America is a "post-racial society," exploring color-blind racism - a different, less overt form racism that emerges after the Civil Rights movement. For example, a color-blind racist may use a term like "super predator" in support of racist policing policies, but they will not be considered "racist" because they did not explicitly say "African Americans" or "African American criminals."

Type of Text: Academic Text

File it Under: Combatting white supremacy, racial justice, color-blind racism, microagressionsCombatting white supremacy, racial justice, color-blind racism, microagressions

READ IT HERE! (link to pdf)

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