Rad Reading: "Teaching Resistance: The Racial Politics of Mass Media"

Text: Teaching Resistance: The Racial Politics of Mass Media

Author: bell hooks

Quote to Highlight: "Mass media are neither neutral nor innocent when it comes to spreading the message of white supremacy. It is not far-fetched for us to assume that many more white Americans would be anti-racist if they were not socialized daily to embrace racist assumptions."

Quick Summary: bell hooks discusses the role of mass media in upholding white supremacy in America; both how white people see people of color, and how people of color see themselves. (We also reviewed this piece in a longer format, find it here!)

File it under: Media studies, combating white supremacy, feminist icons

Type of text: Academic text, some theory/jargon


POC Online Classroom strives to make social justice readings and resources accessible - with particular focus on the knowledge of people of color and other marginalized communities. Rad Reading is a new series that will give readers a quick idea of each text before they delve into it. We will post every Tuesday and Thursday. This is one of the first in the series, but we hope to have one for every resource on the website in the future. Stay tuned!