Rad Reading: "I Am Not Better Than My Mami"

by Abaki Beck

Text: I Am Not Better Than My Mami

Author: Prisca Dorcas Mojica Rodriguez

Quote to Highlight: "The minute that my education begins to make me look down at my mother, I have failed her and myself. Not only that, but my education has failed to teach me how to be and treat people like humans."

Quick Summary: In this brief personal essay, the author reflects on her experience as a "woke brown girl" and her relationship with her mother. She says that it was her mothers work and ambitions that got her where she is now, and condescension to her mother because of her political opinions or activism is not productive or empowering. Though specific to her own relationship, this essay speaks to a broader issue: what do we do with our education or "wokeness"? How do we stay connected and accountable to the communities that brought us up?

File it under: Women of color feminisms, immigrant experience, motherhood, daughterhood, relationships

Type of text:  Brief personal essay


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Abaki Beck