Rad Reading: "Feminism and Race: Just Who Counts as a ‘Woman of Color’?"

by Abaki Beck

Text: Feminism and Race: Just Who Counts as a ‘Woman of Color’?

Author: Lindsey Yoo

Quote to Highlight: “The Asian-American experience, despite spanning several generations of struggle and oppression, is rendered invisible...This dismissive attitude toward Asian-Americans causes a dangerous rift in the ever-evolving journey toward true solidarity.”

Quick Summary: Yoo discusses being a socially active Asian American woman in a nation that often views race in a black-white binary. In her experience, Asian Americans are left out of the conversation of race completely, or are considered “white” (part of the model minority stereotype). She argues that conversations of racial justice and civil rights history often ignore Asian-Americans despite their experiences with racism and anti-immigration rhetoric, and history of activism. This essay explores the importance of inclusion in feminist conversations.

File it under: Asian American feminism, intersectionality, women of color feminisms

Type of text:  Brief personal essay


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Abaki Beck