Rad Reading: "Latina Feminism - National and Transnational Perspectives"

by Abaki Beck

Text: Latina Feminism: National and Transnational Perspectives

Author: Cherise Charleswell

Quote to Highlight: "Indigenous and Afro Latina feminists in Latin America have to cope with these deeply rooted intersections - discrimination, racial prejudice, marginalization, poverty, and gender inequality...A mere crossing of the United States border automatically lumps these groups, the marginalized indigenous and Afro-Latino women, with the mestizo/"White" Latinas who represent the dominant society."

Quick Summary: This article gives a broad overview of Latina Feminisms. The author examines a few different movements, including Xicana (Chicana) Feminism and women in the Young Lords (a Puerto Rican movement/organization founded in the 1960s); provides a list of Latina feminists in the United States and feminists in Latin America; and lists several Latina feminist organizations to support and learn from. Charlsewell also discusses intersectionality and exclusion within the Latina feminist movement, particularly discussing the unique marginalization of indigenous and Afro-Latina women.  

File it under: Latina feminisms, intersectionality, transnationalism

Type of text:  Informative article with very little academic jargon


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