Rad Reading: "The Radical Politics of Self-Love and Self-Care"

by Abaki Beck

Text: The Radical Politics of Self-Love and Self-Care

Author: SooJin Pate

Quote to Highlight:Based on the messages that we receive from all corners of society (from politics to economics, from media to schools), we are taught to hate ourselves. To affirm, value, and validate yourself—to love yourself—amidst this daily onslaught of disparaging messages is not only political but also radical. It is radical because you’re not supposed to survive. It is radical because you’re not supposed to exceed the boundaries and limitations that society has set for you.”

Quick Summary: This article discusses the vital importance of self-love and self-care, particularly for women of color. SooJin argues that self-love for women of color is political, radical, and healing, because it is completely contrary to how society socializes us and oppresses us to see ourselves. The world does not love marginalized people, so it is imperative that we love and support ourselves. She also provides several suggestions on how to incorporate self-care and self-love into your daily life, drawing from personal experience.

File it under: Self care, self love, anti-racism, women of color feminisms

Type of text:  Personal essay, journal article


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