At POC Online Classroom we strive to make resources and writings by marginalized people more available and celebrated. Here are the new resources we added this week! Please email us or message us on social media if you have any suggestions on pieces to add.

On being black in America -

“Walking While Black” by Garnette Cadogan

Black intellectuals, white audiences: Searching for tales of authentic blackness” by Matthew Clair

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On the toll of racism and what to do -

“Racism’s psychological toll” by Jenna Wortham

“Social media conversations about race” An analysis by the Pew Research Center

A flowchart for people who get defensive when talking about racism” by Mira Jacob

Something more is required of us now. What?”by Michelle Alexander

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On police brutality -

“In the turmoil over race and policing, children pay a steep emotional price” by Yamiche Alcindor

“The Grief That White Americans Can’t Share” by Nikole Hannah-Jones

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Need more? Check out our highlighted reading of the week: Coming Home: Queer South Asians and the Politics of Family by Alok Vaid-Menon


Abaki Beck