Rad Reading: "Practicing Radical Self-Love: Why You Need Self Care The Most When it Seems Impossible"

by Abaki Beck

Text: Practicing Radical Self-Love: Why You Need Self Care The Most When It Seems Impossible

Author: Julie Feng

Quote to Highlight:We cannot neglect our emotional well-being. Ever. Taking care of your body encompasses taking care of your psyche as well. Feelings are not something trivial. It is easy to think of them as fleeting — insubstantial and inconsequential. It is easy to consider sadness or stress as expressions of weakness. They are not.”

Quick Summary:  In this brief article, Feng argues for the vital importance of self care for physical and emotional wellbeing; that doing what brings us happiness should not be cast to the side. She discusses this through her own personal experience with anxiety, stress, and feelings of hopelessness. She argues that we must keep ourselves in mind, and not consider our emotional wellbeing and comfort as “trivial” or self care as “selfish.” For marginalized folks existing and resisting, self care is especially important to remember. This quick article is a beautiful reminder to focus on yourself. You deserve to live free from trauma. You deserve to be happy.

File it under: Social justice, self care, self love, intersectionality

Type of text: Personal essay


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