Palestinian Justice Syllabus now available!

We recently created a Palestinian Justice Syllabus is a response to basic questions: Why do so few non-Arab or non-Muslim activists speak out against state violence against Palestinians? Why is it seen as controversial to advocate for justice for Palestinians? Why has justice for Palestinians not become a national movement in the same ways as the anti-South African apartheid or anti-police brutality movements?

The struggle for Palestinian justice is interconnected to struggles against settler-colonialism and state violence across the globe. Militarization, surveillance, and violence against Palestinians and communities of color in the U.S. are deeply interconnected. Not just theoretically, but literally: G4S, the largest security corporation in the world, funds prisons, checkpoints, and the wall in Palestine as well as prisons, security measures at schools, and immigration detention centers in the United States. Combined Tactical Systems (CTS) makes tear-gas used by both U.S. police forces and the Israeli Army - often used against protesters. This year alone, American taxpayers will finance $30 billion in military aid to Israel, which will help to bolster these systems of control. Despite these connections to existing movements against state violence in the United States, the movement for Palestinian justice remains marginalized. This needs to change. Justice for Palestine must become a normalized and inherent aspect of movements for racial and social  justice. This syllabus is an effort to engage others in the critical conversation on historic and contemporary violence against Palestinians as well as Palestinian resistance.


Abaki Beck