[DIGITAL] Daughters of Violence Issue 2: Food

[DIGITAL] Daughters of Violence Issue 2: Food


The theme for issue 2 is food. Food connects us to our ancestors, nourishes us, transforms our emotions, shapes our identities and helps us forge social connections. 

As we are not able to ship internationally at this time, we are offering a digital version of the zine at a discounted price. Once you purchase this zine, we will send you a secure link and password where you can access and download the PDF an unlimited amount of times.

Featuring poetry, prose, art and recipes by Stephanie Toppin, Christa Mahlobo, heather c. lou, Shani Mandal, Moe Penders, Jannette Cynthia Ruiz, Marina, Paola Quiros, Jess Alvarenga, Rosa Araceli Torres, Ana Carola, Maria Galeano, Sara Yukimi Saltman, Anjali Mehta and Asia Hampton. Edited by Michelle Kiang & Abaki Beck.

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