Independent media

Media, publications, and creative projects that center the stories of people of color, women, LGBT, and other marginalized peoples are essential to support and create space for. In light of the new Administration, we added sites that track Trump's statements, policies, et cetera to this page. Email if you have other suggestions!


Ajam Media Collective

New site dedicated to social, cultural, and political events related to Iranian, Afghan, Central Asian, and diasporic communities.

Bitch Media

An intersectional feminist magazine and media website.


An online and print queer arts and culture magazine

The Chicago Reporter

An investigative news non-profit focused on race and poverty

Color Lines

Racial justice-oriented news website.

DOWN at Yale 

A Yale based magazine for students of color. "Defining. Our. World. Now." 

Everyday Feminism 

A website and magazine focused on empowerment, social justice, and personal transformation.

The Feminist Wire

An open-source journal focused on social and cultural critiques of heterosexism, racism, and imperialism.


A Canadian feminist magazine.

Indian Country Today Media Network

News from Indian Country and Native American communities in the U.S. and Canada. 

La Galeria Magazine

A magazine dedicated to dialogue and community for Dominican  of the diaspora.

La Respuesta

A magazine/online community for Puerto Ricans living in the US ("Boricua Diaspora").  

Latino Rebels

A website with news, music, podcasts, humor, and more.


A Jewish, feminist magazine amplifying Jewish women's voices.

Monstering Magazine

An online magazine for women and non-binary people with disabilities.


A news website that provides critical analysis of events in the Middle East and North Africa, to counter mainstream misrepresentations of the region.

Mused Magazine

An online magazine for black gay men.


A blog dedicated to the intersection of pop culture and race. 

Red Rising Magazine

An "uncensored" online magazine to highlight the voices of indigenous youth and indigenous issues in Canada. 


An art and advocacy collective of Harvard students of color that produces a zine and website to “dismantle...the regimes of colonization and oppression still present at this university.”

The Tenth 

A print magazine for black gay men.

This Week in Blackness

A digital platform (digital magazine, podcast, videos) for news related to race, politics, and culture.

Those People 

An online magazine "for people too hip for black magazines." 

Wear Your Voice

An intersectional feminist online publication run by women and femmes of color. 

Yes! Magazine

A solutions-focused social justice magazine focusing on the environment, racism, poverty, and more. 



Angry Asian Man

Personal blog of a “regular Asian American guy in the United States,” primarily about racism.

Black Girl Dangerous

Website/non-profit created by Mia McKenzie to amplify the voices of queer and trans people of color.

For Harriet

News and culture website dedicated to black womanhood.

Janet Mock - Blog

Blog of Janet Mock, activist, author, and tv host.

The Kinfolk Kollective

A blog/facebook about black womanhood, culture, and politics 

Leaving Evidence

The Blog of Mia Mingus, disability justice and transformative justice activist and educator. 


A creative collective made up of women, trans, and genderqueer folks of Asian and Pacific Islander decent; check out their zines!

Native Appropriations

Blog by Adrienne Keene about (mis)representations of Native Americans in media and pop culture.

Natives in America

An online literary publication written by young Native Americans.

Return the Gayze

Poetry, essays, and videos by spoken word artist and activist Alok Vaid-Menon

Two Brown Girls

A platform that highlights the creativity, artistic expression, and pop culture of brown girls. 



Brown Recluse Zine Distro

An online database for zines made by people of color (available for purchase). 

The Elecktrick Girls

An online platform by and for girls of color to showcase their creative works.


They publish personal stories, poetry, comics, and more written by females and non-binary folks. 


A website created by young Latinx centering on comedy and culture.. 


Online platform for female Latina and Caribbean photographers and female photographers who have worked in Latin America/the Caribbean.   

La Liga Zine

An online platform that showcases the self expression and stories of Latinxs, Chicanxs, and Latin Americas.

Mix'd Ingredients

A multi-ethnic, all female dance group that work to empower themselves and their community.

Mujeres en Medio

A media platform for women and genderqueer folks of color who are storytellers, photographers, and more.

Natives in America

An online literary publication for young indigenous American writers.

Necia Media Collective

Online support community for “critically conscious,” creative folks of color with any level of multimedia experience.

Nepantla: A Journal Dedicated to Queer Poets of Color

An online journal centering the voices of contemporary queer poets of color in America.

No fats, no femmes

Artist Jamal Lewis is a multidisciplinary performance artist and organizer. Jamal's work explores race, gender, class, ugliness, and desire(ability). 

Open TV

A platform showcasing television, music videos, poetry, dance, drag, and more from artists not typically represented on commercial or mainstream TV. 

Optica FotoZine

A photography zine for/by women of color.

POC Zine Project

An online database of zines made by people of color. 

The Quarry: A Social Justice Poetry Database

An online database of over 300 social justice poems run by Split This Rock.

St. Sucia

A St. Antonia, Texas based zine for Xicanas/Chicanas.

Third Space Media

A web series and streaming platform that highlights creatives of color. 

Transcending Gender Project

A photo series celebrating people of all genders.



What the Fuck Just Happened Today? Blog

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