Founder & Editor | Abaki Beck

Abaki Beck (she/her/hers) is a free-lance writer and public health graduate student. She is the founder and editor of POC Online Classroom and co-editor of the Daughters of Violence zine. Her writing has been featured in Bitch, Aperture, the Establishment, Yes! Magazine, the zine Survivance: Vol.II Indigenous Poesis and other media. At the age of eight, she placed third in an essay writing contest for a piece titled "Why Racism is Dumb." She is a mixed-race indigenous person enrolled in the Blackfeet Nation of Montana with Red River Métis and European-American blood mixed in.

Contributing Writer | jennie kim

Jennie Kim is a #youngprofessional based in the Twin Cities working in the non-profit sector. In her spare time, you can find her on Twitter reading up on the news, long-form articles about pretty much anything, watching TV, and meeting POC in the Twin Cities (where she is surrounded by white people most of the time). 

Jennie is a proud Korean American and child of Generation 1.5 and will fight you if you tell her that that isn't a real thing, because it is. She's trying to write more about the things she is passionate about and to write/speak things into existence, which motivated her to become a contributor on this website.

Contributing Writer | Michelle Kiang

Michelle Kiang (she/her/hers) is a Chinese-Venezuelan immigrant writer, filmmaker, educator, and visual artist based in Houston, TX. She is passionate about using the power of storytelling, community, and art-making to call for justice. Michelle is the co-founder of Moving Words: A Refugee and Immigrant Narrative Project, the co-editor of the Daughters of Violence Zine, and currently works at an arts museum trying to make the arts more accessible and relatable to all people. 

Contributing Writer | sarah K

Sarah K is, among other things, an editor, a podcaster, and a Palestinian American. Sarah co-edited our Palestinian Justice Syllabus. 

Contributing Writer | Valerie Wu

Valerie Wu is a Chinese-American student in San Jose, California. Her writing thrives at the intersection of ethnicity, migration, and human rights, and has been featured in The Huffington Post, Los Angeles Times Insider, and We Are Three Dimensional. Currently, she serves as the Culture Editor of Ascend Magazine, as well as the resident columnist at The Ellis Review. Valerie considers herself a social justice warrior and an avid researcher of race relations. Her motto is #staywoke.


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