We curate resources by and for people of color.

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Through resources, syllabi and zines, we hope to amplify the voices of marginalized communities, educate others and ourselves on critical social justice issues, empower marginalized peoples, and incite change. 

Links or PDFs to readings are included when possible. Otherwise, support your local library or bookstore and read on!

"create your own committees, build your own institutions, give your friends awards, award yourself, be the gold you wanna hold" - Solange Knowles, 2017

“He makemake ko’u e pololei ka moolelo o ko’u one hanau, aole na ka malihini e ao ia’u i ka mooolelo o ko’u lahui, na’u e ao aku i ka moolelo i ka malihini” - Samuel Mānaiakalani Kamakau, 1865

"I want the history of the sands of my birth to be correct; it is not the foreigner who shall teach me the history of my people, I shall be the one to teach it to the foreigner." - Samuel Mānaiakalani Kamakau, 1865