POC Online Classroom curates resources for, by, and about people of color. Through resources, syllabi, zines, and our blog, we hope to amplify the voices of marginalized communities, educate others and ourselves on critical social justice issues, empower marginalized peoples, and incite change. 

This website is for nerds, artists, scholars, storytellers, story listeners, and lovers of learning. It is for marginalized people who feel that their histories and brilliance are not celebrated or recognized enough in mainstream culture. It is feminist, anti-racist, anti-heteropatriarchy, anti-imperialist, and challenges capitalism. 

Links or PDFs to readings are included when possible. Otherwise, support your local library or bookstore and read on!

This website is made possible with community support. If you have any suggested readings or resources, or would like to contribute a piece to the blog, please email! Thank you for engaging.